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EAG trainee initiative 2021 – Oscar Cissewski


Hamburg, 03.05.2021: We are almost a little sad that we are closing the line with today's edition of our trainee initiative. Each of the described résumés was and is very interesting for us and has hopefully also shown you that there are many different ways to reach your goal.

Oscar, a trainee as a technical system planner, has made a short detour to the TU, electrical engineering course, and has found that he would like to stand on his own two feet quickly and earn money. So he looked at the common job exchanges and looked specifically for an apprenticeship as a technical system planner; He then stumbled upon ENGIE Axima Germany at Stepstone. "The common print media with their job advertisements no longer played a role for me, I have to admit," says Oscar, who preferred to look for jobs online.

With Oscar, the classic procedure followed, that is, writing and submitting applications, invitations to an interview, which took place with the trainer and HR manager. Oscar felt that he was in good hands and emphasized the nice handling of him. Although he also had applications and interviews with other companies, ENGIE Axima Germany reacted the fastest and wanted to offer him a training contract. “In addition, the entire procedure there was a bit like the honorable Hamburg merchant. Handshake, acceptance and of course still a signature - I liked that. ”According to his own statement, Oscar has never regretted choosing ENGIE Axima Germany and can only recommend our company.

The trainee, who is now in the third year of his apprenticeship, made a good impression from the first day and was warmly received by his colleagues. “Now at the Corona time, when there are only a few people there, I can still call anyone at any time and ask questions. I've really built up such a small network for myself. And thanks to teams, contact is also possible without any problems. ”Despite the current pandemic, Oscar has so far gone through all departments in accordance with regulations - the security concept, which is very important to ENGIE Axima Germany, fortunately works extremely well. “In relation to my classmates at the vocational school, I have definitely seen the most so far. I also have the feeling that the teaching content is being conveyed better here. "

Oscar has already sniffed operating air in the areas of air conditioning / ventilation, pipeline construction, fire extinguishing technology, controlling, accounting, purchasing and also in production. “I think it's great that I can touch my drawings, that is, the finished product or system on my basis. I can also talk to everyone who is or has been involved with production right here on site. "

He finds his job interesting, varied and multifaceted. "The interdisciplinary work is a great advantage for my professional experience and the whole thing with such a nice togetherness," enthuses the trainee. Oscar also likes the fact that ENGIE Axima Germany would support him with further studies after completing his apprenticeship. His wish would therefore be to continue working at ENGIE after passing the exam and taking on a permanent job and to complete his advanced training via evening studies. "Because ENGIE is a fair employer with fair pay," concludes Oscar.

We would like to thank all of the trainees who were so willing to answer our questions, and we are pleased that everyone without exception agreed: The working atmosphere and helpfulness at ENGIE Axima Germany are quite unique - and of course one of the main reasons why everyone is happy for and work with us. Nobody wants to miss the fact that production and offices are so close together. Short distances, quick answers.

Are you curious? Good, because you can have all of that too! How? A look at our vacant apprenticeship positions and off with your application for ENGIE Axima Germany. You are guaranteed to be received just as nicely as Patrycia, Lukas, Max, Latif or Oscar. For sure!

Dear reader.

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