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EAG trainee initiative 2021 - Max Bastian


Hamburg, 19.04.2021: Lots of different trainees - lots of different stories behind them; this is how you could describe the results of our surveys and interviews, to which we invited 5 of our promising junior employees. After the very different careers of Patrycia, apprentice technical system planner, and Lukas, just trained construction mechanic, our refrigeration mechatronics apprentice Max comes up with a completely different story. Let yourself continue to be taken on the exciting journey “Many paths to training” and realize that you can also get to your destination in a roundabout way.

Although Max did not take a detour, his story is also a special one and teaches us that traditions and role models have not yet gone out of fashion. Something happened to him, something that some small children say with great fervor: When I grow up, I also become a police officer (optionally a fire fighter, doctor, etc.) just like my dad. Because Max ‘father has been working for our company for over 30 years and it was clear to Max early on: I want to go there too.

In order to ultimately make sure that this step would be the right one, Max completed two internships in different areas with us. “I really liked it,” he reports, “and when the next trainees were looked for, I took my chance and applied.” Successful, as you can now see. Max has been with us since last summer and is learning to be a refrigeration mechanic in his first year of apprenticeship. “Because”, continues Max, “at ENGIE Axima Germany you get an insight beyond the actual area. My job is multi-faceted and here also includes technology and electrics, and during my training I will look into the field of pipeline construction and many other things. and at ENGIE Axima Germany this is the case.

Due to the corona, Max has to be patient a little longer. He is currently working in production in Hamburg in compliance with all safety measures and regulations. However, it is also provided in the training plan that he is present on site on the ship in the respective shipyard during the final assembly or maintenance of the refrigeration equipment. This will be the case as soon as the safety concepts allow it and the prospective refrigeration mechanic is looking forward to it. “My apprenticeship will take more than two and a half years, that will fit at some point,” says the ambitious trainee. The work outside, the dialogue and the agreement between production and final assembly will suit him very well, Max is sure. Just like papa, we think.

“Just perfect”, Max thinks the working atmosphere and feels completely at ease. If he passes his final exam in a good two and a half years - since training as a refrigeration mechatronics technician usually takes three and a half years - he would like to continue working for ENGIE Axima Germany. With his good school leaving certificate, training as a skilled worker and a few years of professional experience, he will have all the prerequisites to subsequently be able to become a master in his field. That is his big goal.


Max's story is also an example of how you can get your apprenticeship position. So far, all three reports sounded good? Would you also like to be able to carry out and view all work steps in one place or do you find assembly and service at a shipyard exciting? We can understand. We would be happy to read your application for the apprenticeship as a refrigeration mechatronics technician and maybe we will find each other.

Next week we will hear how Latif got his apprenticeship position at ENGIE Axima. It remains exciting!

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