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When the father with the son...


Hamburg, 22.04.2021: During the interviews regarding our training initiative, we realized once again that we are finding a situation that is no longer common these days in our medium-sized company, and that is definitely worth a separate report: 2 generations in one company. Tradition lives!

Because father and son Bastian have been working together at ENGIE Axima Germany since Max ‘started their apprenticeship in summer 2020. We wanted to know more about how this came about and asked both of them about it. The result is a lesson in pride, determination and roots in Hamburg, shipbuilding and our company. Thanks at this point to the Bastians for providing information so readily and for allowing us to publish their very personal story.

Father Thomas Bastian came to our company in 1988, which at that time was still operating under the name of Noske-Kaeser. However, unlike his son Max, he did not complete his training with us. After the previous employer's financial difficulties, however, he quickly found his new home with us and has never regretted this step. “I feel very connected to the company and I am still proud to work here,” says Thomas Bastian, whose father was already working at a shipyard. There seems to be something in the genes! Because son Max was always interested in his father's job and even as a child liked to listen to reports from work on ships in different places, as Max revealed, who is just as proud of his apprenticeship position at ENGIE Axima Germany.

What Thomas Bastian likes about his job in assembly is that he is so often deployed elsewhere and that he has to show a lot of personal responsibility. “My job is very complex and offers me constant changes. After all, with a functioning fire protection system, I am also responsible for the life of a complete crew, so you can't be snuggly, ”says our third-senior employee, who works almost exclusively on naval ships above and below the water. “Nobody had to get used to the fact that I spend so much work on the road - the family didn't know it any other way. That didn't detract from our solidarity, ”which Max confirms. His firm plan to also work at ENGIE Axima Germany arose at the latest during Max ‘second internship when he was 14 years old when he was still at school.

Father Bastian is proud that his son made the decision all by himself; however, Max ended up in the field of refrigeration technology, which he had already done during his internship. “As a result, we unfortunately don't work together quite that often,” explains Max, “but we hope that in the future we will be able to be on the same ship together one or the other time.” Even if both are active in different fields, Father has and son have an interest in repairing, engineering and working in common. “At home, too, they like to repair and put everything in order themselves,” laughs Max.

“Never!” Was Bastian's very clear answer to the question of whether he had ever felt the desire to do something else professionally. He gives the current trainees, whom he attests to have a “straight work mentality”, on their way: “Remain purposeful and concentrate on your own work. Do not look to the left or right to others, it only distracts. "

Of course, the world of work has changed over the years, but that doesn't bother the long-term employee. “Of course, everything has become more modern in terms of technology, also faster, and the number of foreign deployments has increased. At the moment it's not that much fun due to Corona and the associated quarantine. Hopefully that will change again soon ”, says Thomas Bastian, who, despite his long tenure with the company, still wants to continue his education, for example in the area of ​​digitization (visual and operation) and is far from being old. "But that's what ENGIE Axima Germany always offers."

Both independently emphasize the good working atmosphere. “One wheel meshes with the other with us. That is also important, you have to be able to rely on each other. We already have a great team together. ”The fact that the son is now working in the same company should, if possible, be as normal as possible and nothing special. “Just don't take advantage,” they agree.

As true Hamburg boys, of course, enthusiasm for ships runs in their blood. We can only be happy about that, both paths led to our company. This is called a win-win situation. After all, what more could an employer want than enthusiastic, loyal employees?

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