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Maintenance Corvette K130 "Oldenburg"


Hamburg, 19.03.2021: The planned major maintenance project for the corvette "Oldenburg" has been taking place at the Peene shipyard (Lürssen) in Wolgast since the end of October 2020.

ENGIE Axima Germany was selected as the original supplier for the first and second batch of K 130 corvettes for HVAC, refrigeration and fire extinguishing systems and received the order for the corresponding work as part of this extensive maintenance project.

All work in connection with this major maintenance project was carried out by the ENGIE Axima service team in Hamburg or directly on site at the shipyard in Wolgast.

The HVAC system with all fans, circulating air cooling units, control systems, air conditioning units and protective air modules (modular CBRN stations) with NATO filters was maintained, repaired and commissioned if necessary. The complex regulation of the overpressure areas (citadel) was also included in the work.

The refrigeration systems, i.e. the two seawater-cooled cooling units, the provision refrigeration system and the waste cooling system were also completely overhauled. The main components such as pumps and compressors were serviced in our own production facility and in cooperation with qualified partners. After all this work, the entire system was put back into operation.

The fire protection equipment, i.e. the Ansul fire extinguishing system, the pressure foam fire extinguishing system (DSA / HyFex®), as well as the CO2 and powder fire extinguishing systems were maintained and repaired as planned. This was followed by commissioning and approval to operate these “mission critical” systems for the next few years.

The newly established production facility at ENGIE Axima Germany GmbH in Hamburg is equipped with special areas that are optimally designed for maintenance and repair work. Secure and standardized workflows from the inspection at the incoming goods department to the maintenance process to the final quality inspection in our test room, with the physical or (due to Covid-19) virtual presence of our customer and the marine quality inspector, ensure an efficient process and high quality. We are pleased that ENGIE Axima Germany can actively contribute to the implementation of future missions of the corvette “Oldenburg” as well as to the safety of the soldiers on board.

Source picture example: Korvette K130 (Ein Dahmer, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

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