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Frigate F125 "Sachsen-Anhalt" put into service


Hamburg, 26.05.2021: Now it is official, the frigate F125 "Sachsen-Anhalt" has been put into service and is now supporting the German navy flotilla in Wilhelmshaven. The "Sachsen-Anhalt" is the third (ToC - "Third of Class") of four structurally identical frigates of the "Baden-Württemberg class" that have now been ceremoniously handed over to the German Navy after the last test drives. ENGIE Axima Germany has been involved in this project since 2009. The task was to equip all four ships with a variety of fire protection systems. In this turnkey project, various strengths of ENGIE Axima Germany came into play in the overall package: This starts with the introduced NOSKE-KAESER® fire protection components, continues through the project management to training, maintenance and servicing concept - all from a single source.

In the systems used, the classic "pressure foam spray system" (DSA), which has been defining the standard for over 50 years on the F125 with newly developed central components, is particularly noticeable. In addition, there is the new "Novec 1230" extinguishing system, which is integrated on a German naval ship for the first time. This system is characterized by the fact that liquid extinguishing agent is initiated into the IT equipment rooms after the fire is detected, becomes gaseous immediately after leaving the nozzles and thus immediately stops the combustion reaction of an incipient fire. The changes in the physical state also leads to immediate cooling and no damage to electronic devices is caused. Oxygen also remains in the room, so that there is no mortal danger to the crew in spite of automated or manually initiated fire protection measures. It is a residue-free deletion process that makes this process really unique. A practical test of this new extinguishing system recently took place successfully on board with the appropriate measuring equipment.
Furthermore, all four frigates in this series are equipped with a complete sprinkler system in all crew areas - from the accommodations to the corridors, the stairwells, various storage rooms and the kitchen area protection. This system works in conjunction with two large fresh water tanks and the possibility of using additional seawater via pumps if necessary.

Following the EAG motto "SAFETY FOR CREW AND EQUIPMENT ABOVE AND BELOW WATERLINE", we wish the crew and of course the "Sachsen-Anhalt" all the best in their further training and the fulfillment of their missions.

Source picture example: Frigate F125 (Ein Dahmer, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

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