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EAG trainee initiative 2021 - Patrycia Grünholz


Hamburg, 06.04.2021: As a training company, ENGIE Axima Germany offers perspectives in many ways. In a company like ours, the focus is of course on technical professions such as mechatronics technician (m/f/d), construction mechanic (m/f/d) or technical system planner (m/f/d).

The next generation is important to us and we were keenly interested in the various reasons that motivated the current ENGIE Axima Germany trainees to apply to us and ultimately decide for our company. We put these and other questions to our young hopefuls in an interview.

The result is a colorful hodgepodge of different motifs and stories, some of which, surprisingly, do not differ that much from those of the previous generations. We are happy to present you the respective story. Perhaps you will find yourself again in Patrycia, a trainee as a technical system planner, or in Max, who is being trained as a refrigeration mechatronics technician. Perhaps you will be inspired by Latif, who will become an electronics technician, but perhaps also by Lukas, future construction mechanic, or even Oscar, who, like Patrycia, follows in the footsteps of the technical system planner. The paths are different and yet they all have one thing in common: they enjoy working for ENGIE Axima Germany and are happy to be able to complete their training in our company. Perhaps your path will also lead you to us and you will become part of the ENGIE Axima Germany family?

Today we are introducing Patrycia, a trainee as a technical system planner. It was clear to them that their professional life should go somewhere in the direction of technology. Because normally you don't just decide on a job or because you don't have anything else in mind - this is also the case with the determined woman from Hamburg, who is proof that the rigid job descriptions and the prejudices that some have about it are finally softening. Women and technology work!

In her private life, Patrycia is always looking for new projects that often enough deal with the construction, assembly or even with the solution for a construction. When building the wardrobe at home, the good old radio was on, the medium that one thinks has been completely replaced by Youtube, Spotify and Co., and in this very same place the advertisement for a training initiative ran at some point, in the "Technischer Systemplaner" as a cue. Said and done! A well-known search engine threw out training offers in the Hamburg area for this occupational field and if, as with ENGIE Axima Germany, the company headquarters is still fairly central and therefore in a Hamburg district that is easily accessible from all directions - yes, you don't think twice.

Patrycia is now in the middle of her second year of training and has only fond memories of the application process, as she never tired of emphasizing: “The invitation to the interview came very quickly after we had all the necessary documents. It took place with the trainer and the HR manager, who both quickly relieved my nervousness. We laughed a lot together and created an atmosphere as if I were already part of the team. ”In short - the future technical system planner felt very comfortable and wanted to find her place with us. "This feeling," she says, "continues to this day, the positive mood has remained."

Our trainees really appreciate the fact that they can easily see the results of their proposals, which they have drawn and planned by hand in advance - because ENGIE Axima Germany has not outsourced production. From the office desk, she can get into the production hall in just a few steps and can see the creation of one of our quality products first hand, from the first screw to the final fine-tuning.

Even under the currently difficult conditions caused by Covid-19, ENGIE Axima Germany is able to ensure that Patrycia can go through every designated department as planned. Of course, in compliance with all hygiene and safety measures, because the health of all employees is extremely important to the company and the prerequisites for continuous home office have been created for everyone whose workplace allows this.

Patrycia will shorten her training a little and is expected to complete it after three years in 2022. After passing her exam, she would very much like to be taken on and stay with the company for as long as possible. If that's not a compliment for us! “Because”, says Patrycia, “it never gets boring! The colleagues are both nice and helpful. "

The career path does not end with the apprenticeship as a technical system planner. She can imagine going on to study technology at some point - but as a distance learning course and in the evening, because she wouldn't want to miss her job at ENGIE Axima Germany. ENGIE, Hamburg, the port - for Patrycia it is perfect the way it is!


Well, do you find yourself in their descriptions? Are you interested in the job description? Do you love Hamburg, the port with its ships, a short commute to work and a friendly atmosphere? Then follow in Patrycia's footsteps and get to know us. You can find out which requirements you should have here.

We look forward to you!

To be continued in our series "We are ENGIE Axima Germany" about further apprentices.



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