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EAG trainee initiative 2021 – Lukas Boenchen


Hamburg 12.04.2021: Today we present you a new and completely different career than that of Patrycia, the upcoming technical system planner. True to the motto: Many roads lead, no, not to Rome, but to ENGIE Axima Germany. We would like to inspire you and encourage you to do so: No matter what my personal story looks like, it is worth thinking outside the box, daring something and applying to ENGIE Axima Germany.

This is how Lukas found us. He had already been training to become a construction mechanic, specializing in steel and metal construction, in a company in northern Lower Saxony since 2016. Unsatisfied with the support there and the overall situation, Lukas went in the 4th year of his apprenticeship to look for a company where he could continue and finish his training. Because he liked and still likes the job of construction mechanic: "I want to see and touch the result of my work and cannot imagine working in an office."

On one of the job exchanges that can be found on the Internet, Lukas filtered out various training offers for his dream job and came across ENGIE Axima Germany. After a friendly phone call with the HR manager, it turns out that he could continue his training at ENGIE Axima Germany via a small detour. Lukas didn't have to think twice - working in production would also introduce him to more delicate work with his favorite material. He left his old company shortly before completing his apprenticeship. “At ENGIE Axima Germany, I first completed an internship in air conditioning production and was thus able to gain an impression of the team spirit and my future apprenticeship position. I really enjoyed it, the staff were nice and, above all, helpful. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Lukas took on repeating the 4th year of his apprenticeship, including switching to a vocational school in Hamburg, and has never regretted his decision. In his class he was even the only one who had anything to do with steel construction in the ship sector. In January 2021, Lukas was able to successfully complete his training and was then taken on by ENGIE Axima Germany in a permanent position. He is currently working in the field of refrigeration and fire extinguishing systems.

Lukas loves his job: “I like the rough, I like that I see what I'm doing. I want to understand every production step so that I can assemble everything on my own and do a good quality job. ”On my own - fortunately, he never is, as he emphasizes. “The team sticks together and even if you have a bad day, it's not a big deal. Errors are corrected together and you can always ask questions and everything is patiently shown. "

Just like Patrycia, Lukas can of course imagine further training. The next thing he would like to do is catch up on his Abitur. But this should be done in the evening school, he will not give up his job at ENGIE Axima Germany as a construction mechanic specializing in steel and metal construction. Lukas, neither do we!


So, Hamburg students or from the Hamburg area, students, career changers, you want to learn a profession just like Lukas that presents you with results every day? In which you can put your manual skills to the test? Which is also crisis-proof in the future? Then you are exactly right with us. You can find the requirement profile here. Now all you have to do is send in your application, which we are really looking forward to!

We will introduce you to the next apprenticeship next week.

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