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5 questions for ... - Turnaround Manager Melanie Wendt


Hamburg 15.04.2021: In our news from February 17th of this year we already reported on the very successful cooperation with the production consultancy GREAN GmbH. Dr. Tobias Heinen, one of the founders of GREAN GmbH, has been initiating a video podcast for some time in which he regularly questions personalities from the world of production. We are a little proud that Melanie Wendt, our turnaround manager, like Dr. Heinen respects her and is one of the interviewees. Because apart from the jointly supervised project, this also means recognition and appreciation of your person and what you have achieved in the restructuring phase, representing the extraordinary commitment of the entire team in the area of ​​"components"

This is also reflected in the podcast. Dr. In the introduction, Heinen refers to a very demanding initial situation that our production and component manager found at the beginning of the project, and then asks his famous 5 questions in the video interview.

This is how you find out that Ms. Wendt was born in Hamburg - in a company that deals with shipbuilding components and has the port on the doorstep, definitely not a disadvantage ... but clearly proof of “street credibility”. In 2011 she came to us as part of her degree with her thesis at the HAW and has since developed more and more into an indispensable part of our company.

Ms. Wendt reports on the challenges that lay ahead of her, of having turned manufacturing and production almost from left to right, of converting the production facilities while the order business had to continue.

Nevertheless, in this stressful phase, the spatial restructuring was not the greatest of these challenges, as Dr. Heinen elicited another question: “The biggest stumbling block from my point of view is actually always the workforce, not in the sense of problem-solving. But you have a very big job to do, because employees always have to be taken along. ”At the same time, it turned out that Ms. Wendt could rely on a great team across all age groups, as she emphasizes. A very special achievement, in addition to being responsible for components and production, we also see ourselves as an empathetic mediator between process optimization and the involvement of all employees, as we think; Quickly presentable successes confirmed her style and skills. "Ensure acceptance of innovations by involving the workforce", is Ms. Wendt's most urgent tip for the case of necessary restructuring. Heinen is 100% connected.


The fact that Ms. Wendt has achieved this excellently is shown by the steeply upward curve of success that our company can also record thanks to the realignment. The very special working atmosphere and a helpful workforce are also highlighted across the board in the interviews we conducted with our trainees and which we report on at the same time.

At this point, we would like to express our thanks and our appreciation for the extraordinary performance that Ms. Wendt, at the young age of 32, provided for ENGIE Axima Germany with the turnaround project.

You can listen to and watch the whole, extremely interesting podcast here: Website of GREAN GmbH. It is worth it!

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